Headed into Chile’s famous wine region, Casablanca. The climate and geography in this region of Chile is ideal for growing grapes that later produce some of the finest wine in the world.

Our first visit was to Veramonte Wines, a pioneer in Casablanca Valley for their organic growing methods. No pesticides are used in the vineyards—invasive insects are controlled with plants and ladybugs. After the wine tasting, we headed to Colectivo Fermento, a group of Chilean artisans and small farmers, where we were able to try some of their specialty cheeses and breads.

Next, we visited Bodegas RE, which hosted an amazing garden lunch and wine experience surrounded by nature, a native forest and vineyards. Afterward, we had a hands-on experience at Loma Larga Winery where we mixed and bottled our own blend. I named my blend “Rojo Loco”, Crazy Red. We were just in time to catch another beautiful sunset at Macerado Casablanca, a renowned restaurant famous for using all local and organic food and wines.  Needless to say, dinner was out of this world!

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– Kelly