From the Gelber family to you – Welcome to IWorld of Travel! As passionate travelers ourselves, we get it. We get what it takes to give you an extraordinary travel experience so you’ll discover the true meaning of #memoriesbeyond — priceless memories that become part of our core and resonate more and more as we age. Memories that live on in our soul and continue to enrich us, years after we say our goodbyes. We view each passport stamp as a testament to our curiosity in nature, culture, cuisine, and adventure. 

IWorld Ethos – Expect more. Do more. Know more.

IWorld of Travel is a family legacy company. Our story began more than fifty years ago when our founder, Ady Gelber, pioneered tourism to Israel and the Middle East at a time when such travel was extremely rare. Today, we continue to operate in his spirit, enjoying long-lasting and trusting relationships around the world. We vet our partners carefully and we take our responsibility seriously to curate the most memorable trips. Our tagline, Expect more. Do More. Know More. is a simple message with a dual meaning. We expect more of ourselves so we can do more for you, our travelers and travel advisors. And you, in turn, expect more from us and do more on our trips.

Each year we become more innovative and creative. Our team of destination experts serves every region across the globe—Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Israel, and the Middle East—with no limit to the number of custom itineraries we craft. We strive to inspire travelers with distinctive destinations, epic experiences, and journeys designed specifically for the family, group, or individual traveler—journeys that are as personal as the food you eat, the friends you keep, the clothes you wear, and the car you drive. We go above and beyond, with singular service, boutique amenities, first-hand knowledge, and insider access to ensure inspiring, insightful, and immersive voyages.

We are truly 100% committed to tailoring itineraries that create a kaleidoscope of wondrous experiences, beyond dreams, to last a lifetime. Memories that live on in our soul and continue to enrich us, years after we say our goodbyes.

We travel not to escape life, but so life does not escape us.

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Destination Specialist | Middle East
Associate Marketing Designer
Destination Specialist | Italy, Balkan & Charters
Destination Specialist | Western Europe, Latin America & Australia
Destination Specialist | Latin America, Asia, Middle East & India
General Manager, Gelber’s Way/AST
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