Israel and The Middle East

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Israel and The Middle East Details
We are proud of our 50+ year leadership in tourism to the Middle East and carry forward the legacy of our founder and travel pioneer, Ady Gelber. The trusting relationships, first-hand knowledge, insider access, and extensive connections in the region have endured through the decades to the delight of our travelers today. Join us to commune with the Bedouins in Jordan’s desert and experience the vermilion city of Petra. Look up at the soaring skyscrapers in Dubai that rise like pinnacles from the sand, pointing to the future. Indulge in lavish luxuries in Abu Dhabi, where the teal waters of the Persian Gulf shine against massive monuments piercing the sky, stretching to the sun. Come along on a mesmerizing adventure in Oman, exploring the many souks and mosques. Marvel with us at the Byzantine churches, monasteries, and cave towns nestled in the cliffs of Cappadocia. Stand at the crossroads of East and West, the meetup of Europe and Asia, along the famous Bosporus in Istanbul. From the pearls of a distant past to the fruits of modern cultures, the Middle East is a magical journey. We offer prearranged itineraries and custom-crafted programs designed for individuals and group travelers.
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