Every year we at IWorld of Travel renew our commitment to honor our founder’s father, Ady Gelber, and to incorporate many of his founding principles and loving gestures. Thus for 2022, we had launched the Bubbie Award, inspired by Ady as a term of endearment he used to indicate his fondness, respect, appreciation, and love for travel advisors who shared a special connection with him. Now we have come to realize that you are all Bubbies!

In 2023 we would like to expand the meaning of Bubbie to include a business metric in line with our company goals. Thus, at the end of each year we will award the Bubbie prize to any advisor who booked $100,000 of business with us, taking us closer to our goal of working with 100 advisors who produce $100,000 per year. We are so grateful not just for those 18 advisors and agency owners who exceeded this last year, but for those who also contributed so much to our personal lives and professional growth.

2022 Award Recipients

Janelle Grissinger
Devin Hansen
Marissa Gonzalez
Wendy Walker
Leah Jacobs
Jennifer Falcone
Kristie Keller
Sarah Bender
Theresa Williams
Patricia Hand
Rabbi Mark Blazer
Mandy Litterini
Alycia McHale
Maria Anderson

Bubbie Awards

In Memory of Ady Gelber

"The best is yet to come."

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