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Africa Details
Come with us to experience the splendor of Africa! From the moment you touch down, you’ll sense it. The continent is bursting with life and laughter, sights and sounds, tastes and textures. A spirit of adventure seizes you. Roaring waterfalls. Rich coffee. Wildlife wonders. Pull on your boots in Uganda and trek through lush rainforest for a close-up with silverback gorillas. Lick your lips over a lavish picnic in Kenya’s bush. Crane your neck at the twinkling pageant overhead in the Moroccan Sahara. Get lost in the maze of a Marrakech market. Gaze at golden sunrises, glowing sunsets, and parades of exquisite beasts running free in Tanzania. Meet the Big Five in South Africa. Cruise the Nile through ancient Egypt. From the animal kingdom to the kingdom of pharaohs, we’ll show you Africa with prearranged itineraries or custom-crafted programs designed for individuals or group travelers.
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