Our travelers have come to expect more from us and we thrive by beating expectations and going further—always becoming better and better. You’ll find our wellness travel options are no exception. Expect an experience, not an itinerary. Expect to be fully in the moment. Expect to find peace in nature. Expect to feel centered, balanced, and free. Expect quick intakes of breath at surprising, magnificent sights. And expect to breathe deeply in gratitude.


Unforgettable moments will saturate your memory with a healthy dose of mindfulness long after you return home. Feel the magic of the place, and discover the magic within you. Choose from an exhilarating array of amazing destinations and unique experiences to create custom trips that satisfy each traveler.


  • Explore, relax, and meditate surrounded by the lushness of Machu Picchu, a New Wonder of the World 
  • Immerse yourself into the shadows of the Sacred Valley, breathing in the scents and scenes while luxuriating in a massage


  • Wander the path to wellness and meet with an Ayurvedic doctor to learn about your personal health. Find the cure for headaches and insomnia!
  • Sample delectable Indian cuisine after a cooking lesson to nourish mind and body


  • Discover the heart of prayer and pilgrimage in sacred monasteries and temples
  • Recharge your batteries with a yoga session at the palace of the Dalai Lama


  • Salute the sun at the 2,000-year-old Great Wall of China
  • Awaken without an alarm to a stress relieving 24-hour spa day

We offer the chance to create custom trips from a menu of enticing options with something interesting for everyone.


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