“Anti-Semitism or discrimination of any kind has no place in our society.”—Jeff Van Drew

As an Israeli Jewish citizen, I know a thing or two about anti-Semitism. It’s a virulent weed with deep roots around the globe. And like hatred of any kind, it’s based on ignorance. I feel compelled to speak out now because once again anti-Semitism has reached a fever pitch. As Covid swept mercilessly throughout the world, hatreds of all kinds surfaced in a menacing cauldron of fear and fury. Anti-Asian sentiments took hold. Racism, nationalism, and white supremacy rose up and gave voice as infectious, insidious, and harmful as the virus itself.

We now find ourselves on the brink of emergence back to “normal.” At IWorld, we look to travel as the antidote to the evils of narrow-mindedness and bigotry. With all the places to go in the world, no one should ever go there—hate is no place to visit. Our message is to embrace love and our shared humanity, and that travel is the biggest, warmest hug, opening our eyes and our clients’ eyes to countries and cultures and the splendor of life in all its diversity.

At IWorld, we live by knowing it is not just My World, or Your World, it is Our World, and as travel professionals, we are all stewards of this journey…….this is our moment.




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