Zehava Bitton

Vice President Global Sales

Email: zbitton@iworldoftravel.com
Office: 212.507.9251
Mobile: 310.850.4841

Zehava has more than three decades of experience in the travel industry—with the majority spent at IWorld of Travel and its predecessor company Isramworld—covering all aspects of tourism, with special expertise in group travel to many regions of the world, particularly to Israel. She enjoys strong relationships with leisure travel agencies and travel advisors on the U.S. West Coast. She is especially skilled at escorting FAM and group trips to countries throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. A native Israeli, Zehava began her career as a tour guide in Israel leading both Christian and Jewish groups, delegations, and missions. She has also led several Jewish heritage tours to Italy, China, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Brazil, and throughout central and eastern Europe.

More About 
Zehava Bitton

Zahava enjoys her family, strong friendships, long walks on the beach, and connecting with nature. Her favorite cuisine is Moroccan, for the food’s rich taste and the aroma of its delicious spices. Her most unique travel memory is being in South Africa the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison and witnessing the celebrations of the South African people.

There has been a Gelber in most of Zehava’s professional life, having worked for both Ady Gelber at Isramworld and for his son Michael at IWorld of Travel, a generation later. Ady set the foundation and Michael built upon it to create what Zehava describes as “an amazing company!”

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