Shane Knuth

Creative Director

Mobile: 616.550.1496
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Shane is a multi-talented design and technology guru who has worked for nearly two decades as a Graphic/Motion Designer and Video Editor. He joined IWorld of Travel in 2018 to work on the company’s annual brochure and his role has evolved to full-time Creative Director handling marketing and design for the brand, including the website and video production.

More About 
Shane Knuth

Shane enjoys watching multiple shows through their seasons, listening to Pierce the Veil, The White Stripes, and Tenacious D., and his favorite guilty pleasure is eating cookies! A life-changing trip to Colombia transformed the way he sees the world and humanity, and an influential book, The Power of Habit, gave him keen insight into the way the mind works and how the brain has evolved. He loves IWorld of Travel because family and travel are at the core of its purpose, and the team bands together to make things happen. Shane aspires to owning enough land to have a barn he can use as a workshop.

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