Katharine Gelber

Chief Operating Officer

Email: kgelber@iworldoftravel.com
Mobile: 530.219.6439

Katharine is a seasoned professional in financial management, honing her experience as a partner in a successful construction company. Her tenure in the travel industry began with her marriage into the family business though she has always had a love for travel.

More About 
Katharine Gelber

As a teen, Katharine’s AOL instant messenger screen name (travelinmiss) was prophetic. Since then, she has toured every corner of the world, filling passport pages with stamps from exotic lands across the globe. A safari in Tanzania with her family stands out as a life-changing, time-stopping experience. In between trips, she oversees two very active children, filling almost every afternoon, evening, and weekend with soccer matches, cheer competitions, and flag football. She is the team mom for her daughter’s cheer squad, and the team manager for her son’s soccer team. Mexican food is her preferred cuisine, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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