Jacie Luna Ben Meriem

Destination Specialist | Middle East

Email: jluna@iworldoftravel.com
Office: 212.507.9206
WhatsApp: +5 199.146.2076

An expert in Latin American destinations, Jacie is especially knowledgeable of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador – particularly the Galapagos – and the Atacama region of Chile. She has explored the length and breadth of Peru and Bolivia and is intimately familiar with both the top attractions and secret spots known only to locals, giving her travelers the keys to an unforgettable adventure.

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Jacie Luna Ben Meriem

Jacie is happiest when her kids are smiling! She enjoys camping with her family and exploring new places, reading (The Family by Mario Puzo about the Borgias tops her list), listening to the Commodores, watching Game of Thrones, and dining on her favorite cuisine (Peruvian). Given a free afternoon, she would spend it at the beach with a cold beer and a book, listening to her 80s rock playlist. On her last trip to the Peruvian Amazon, she fondly remembers the kindness of the native people and their respect for nature. Once Jacie launches her children on the right path in life, she dreams of living in a seaside house and watching all the sunrises and sunsets for the rest of her days.

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