It’s shopping season! And we’re in the middle of a cold, dreary winter.

So where is the best place to shop under the sun? After doing a little research, I discovered GUAM! A paradise of palm trees and tropical attractions. And it’s not only warm, but it’s a super friendly place. The perfect cure for winter doldrums. So put away the hats and gloves and dig out the bathing suits and flip-flops.

Back to shopping… who knew that, in addition to world-class diving, Guam is home to world-class shopping? Now is the time to visit, during the Shop Guam e-Festival that runs through February 10, 2019. Simply download the free Shop Guam mobile app—available in six languages—and get tons of great offers, including shopping, dining, tours, tourism services, and cultural experiences.



Shop Guam is like a visitor’s guide. Its local events feature gives travelers the chance to immerse themselves in Guam’s community life. And here’s something really cool…the Shop Guam app will alert you when you’re near local stores. And each offer will have a unique QR code that the merchants scan for shoppers to redeem. It’s simple! Don’t forget to spread the news…share your shopping adventures on #instaGuam.

There are so many other reasons to visit Guam: Spectacular beaches. Exotic culture. Tasty cuisine. Amazing diving and snorkeling. Untouched nature. But the retail scene is your siren call. Even though Shop Guam is year-round, the best time to come is right now…during shopping season!

Shop Guam Mobile App
Click the Shop Guam Festival image to download the free Shop Guam mobile app—available in six languages!

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