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Irish Elegance & Scottish Charm: A Journey Through Celtic Lands

  • Dublin’s Historic Beats: Kick off in Dublin with the literary grandeur of Trinity College Library and the legendary Book of Kells. Distill the essence of Irish whiskey with a Jameson experience, and cap off with a night of folklore and feasting in a classic pub.
  • Galway & Cliffs of Moher: Discover Galway’s bohemian vibes and seaside allure, followed by the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. Indulge in a traditional pub lunch as you take in one of Ireland’s most scenic drives.
  • Belfast’s Evolution: Journey to the ancient Newgrange and the legendary Giant’s Causeway, then delve into Belfast’s transformative narrative through its vibrant streets and culinary delights.
  • Edinburgh’s Majesty: Swap the Irish charm for Scottish splendor with a guided tour of Edinburgh, exploring medieval alleys and the storied Edinburgh Castle. Dare to tread the city’s haunted vaults at dusk.
  • Medieval to Modern Scotland: Traverse through time with visits to the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel and the historic sites of Stirling and Bannockburn.
  • Highlands’ Grandeur: Immerse in the Highlands’ awe-inspiring landscapes, including the storied Loch Ness and Ben Nevis. Let the tales of clan legends envelop you in Scotland’s natural majesty.
  • Gleneagles Leisure: Savor a leisurely day at Gleneagles, be it golfing on world-renowned greens or engaging with the noble art of falconry.
  • Farewell Reflections: As your journey concludes, reflect on the tapestry of experiences from Dublin’s vibrant culture to the majestic tranquility of the Scottish Highlands.

Meals: Start every day with a hearty B (breakfast) and savor L (lunch) during excursions.
Accommodation: Rest in luxury at selected 4-star hotels, like the Dublin Skylon, ensuring comfort and elegance after each day’s adventure.


At IWorld of Travel, we understand that where you stay is as important as the destination itself. Rest assured, we are in the process of hand-selecting accommodations that align with our high standards of luxury and comfort. Our portfolio exclusively features 4 and 5-star properties, as well as boutique hotels that are not just places to stay, but integral parts of your travel experience. These establishments are chosen for their exceptional service, prime locations, and the unique charm that they bring to your journey. We are committed to ensuring that your accommodations will enhance your trip and we look forward to sharing the details with you soon.


people walking on streets at night

Day 1 | Welcoming Dublin’s Charm – Sept. 20, 2022

Your adventure begins with a warm Irish welcome in Dublin. As you arrive, your dedicated guide awaits to whisk you away on a journey through the city’s cobbled streets, enriched with history and culture. At the heart of Dublin, the Trinity College Library stands, a trove of literary treasures, including the venerable Book of Kells. Later, immerse yourself in the world of whiskey at the Jameson Distillery, with a guided tour and tastings to delight your palate. The day culminates with an enchanting evening of Irish folklore and melodies at a quintessential pub, accompanied by a sumptuous three-course meal.

After a hearty breakfast at your hotel, your group will enjoy a full day tour via luxury motorcoach through the scenic Irish countryside. Our first stop is Galway, the gateway to the West of Ireland known as the Wild Atlantic way. The city of Galway is wild and bohemian, and at the same time full of culture, artistry, exceptional food, and music. Galway is also a popular seaside destination with long sandy beaches great for photo ops. The coastal drive from Galway to the cliffs of Moher, is extremely pretty, arguably one of the most scenic drives in all of Ireland. Enjoy a delicious 3 course pub lunch along the way.

The Cliffs of Moher, the most famous cliffs in Ireland, will leave you awestruck, creating memories that will stay with you forever. The area’s natural beauty has inspired poets, artists, and musicians for generations. Walk the safe, paved pathways and view the famous Cliffs while you take in the spectacular vistas over sea, land, and sky.  After a full day of touring, enjoy your evening at leisure.

Meals: B, L

Hotel: Hotel Dublin Skylon, or similar 4-star


Galway view photography of gray castle on island

Day 2 | Galway’s Vibrance & Cliffs of Moher – Sept. 21, 2022

Embrace the morning as you set off through the Irish countryside to the spirited city of Galway. Revel in its artistic ambiance and seaside splendor, pausing to capture memories along its sandy stretches. Journey onwards to the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, where the land meets the Atlantic in dramatic fashion. Here, allow the poetic beauty to stir your soul as you traverse the pathways, the views a canvas of the untamed ocean. The day’s explorations are balanced with leisure, as you return to the comfort of your Dublin retreat.


Belfast red and white boat on water near green and white building during daytime

Day 3 | Ancient East to Belfast’s Evolution – Sept. 22, 2022

Today’s odyssey takes you to the enigmatic Newgrange, a marvel older than the pyramids, etched with ancient symbols. Continue to the mythical Giant’s Causeway, where geology weaves into legend, creating a natural masterpiece. Then, it’s off to Belfast for a culinary interlude and a discovery tour of a city where history and modernity converge. Mural-studded streets narrate stories of political change and cultural evolution, offering a glimpse into Belfast’s transformative journey. As evening falls, you’ll return to Dublin, carrying with you the day’s profound experiences.


Edinburgh aerial view photography of city at night

Day 4 | From Dublin to Edinburgh’s Majesty – Sept. 23, 2022

Bid farewell to Dublin as Edinburgh beckons. A short flight transports you to Scotland’s historic capital, where a guided tour reveals the city’s soul, from the Old Town’s winding alleys to the imposing Edinburgh Castle. As dusk approaches, prepare for an otherworldly experience with a tour of Edinburgh’s haunted vaults, a venture into the city’s darker, yet intriguing past.


Stirling gray castle on shore

Day 5 | Medieval Scotland: Stirling to Rosslyn – Sept. 24, 2022

Scotland’s medieval heritage unfolds before you with visits to Dunfermline Abbey, the town of Stirling, and the poignant battlefield of Bannockburn. Decode the enigmas of Rosslyn Chapel, a site shrouded in mystery and famed for its connection to the Da Vinci Code. Each site, a chapter in Scotland’s storied tapestry, invites reflection and admiration.



Day 6 | Highlands’ Grandeur: Glen Coe to Loch Ness – Sept. 24, 2022

Venture into the majestic Scottish Highlands, where landscapes of haunting beauty tell tales of clan legends and historic battles. Witness the imposing Ben Nevis and the tranquil shores of Loch Ness, where legends of a mysterious creature lurk. A day amidst such natural splendor is sure to become a treasured memory.


Golf Scotland a sign in the middle of a grassy field

Day 7 | Golf and Falcons at Gleneagles – Sept. 25, 2022

Gleneagles awaits, offering a day of leisure on its famed golf courses or an encounter with the noble sport of falconry. Whether you’re perfecting your swing or flying hawks, the day promises an authentic Scottish country experience.


Edinburgh brown concrete building near trees during daytime

Day 8 | Farewell to Scotland – Sept. 26, 2022

As your journey concludes, take with you a tapestry of memories from the rolling hills of the Highlands to the cobbled streets of Edinburgh. Departure is filled with a longing to return, as Scotland’s allure remains etched in your heart.

This itinerary is fashioned in the IWOT style, embracing the essence of each destination with a focus on cultural richness and luxurious experiences.

Every moment of this itinerary is designed with IWOT’s signature touch, ensuring a seamless blend of cultural immersion and luxury—true to the heart of Ireland and Scotland’s legendary hospitality.

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