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Alpine Splendor and Renaissance Grandeur: An Italian-Austrian Sojourn


Rome | Florence | Venice | Milan | Innsbruck | Salzburg | Vienna

Embark on an unparalleled adventure through Italy and Austria’s historic heartlands, where each city unfolds as a chapter in a grand narrative of culture, art, and history. Your odyssey commences in Rome, the eternal city, with its awe-inspiring Colosseum and Vatican treasures. In Florence, the Renaissance comes alive through masterpieces at the Uffizi and the grandeur of the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori.

Journey through the medieval splendor of Perugia and Siena en route to Florence, and then to Venice, where romantic canals and opulent palaces await. Traverse the intellectual richness of Bologna and the poetic streets of Verona before Milan’s fashion-forward vibrance and historic landmarks captivate you.

As you venture north, Innsbruck’s alpine charm and Salzburg’s baroque beauty pave the way to Vienna, the city of imperial splendor and cozy coffeehouse culture. Your grand tour culminates in Vienna, where a final Austrian breakfast bids you farewell, leaving you enriched by the myriad of experiences and memories to cherish.


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Day 1: Arrival in Rome

Welcome to the eternal city of Rome, where history and modern elegance blend seamlessly. Upon landing, you’ll be greeted by our representative who will facilitate a seamless transfer to your luxurious accommodation. Settle into your upscale hotel, where you will be surrounded by comfort and grandeur, preparing you for the immersive experiences ahead in one of the world’s most historic cities.


Day 2: Rome – A Journey through Antiquity and Splendor

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel before boarding our private coach for a transfer to the heart of Rome. Embark on an expertly guided walking tour to unveil the layers of history that define the ancient Roman Empire. Marvel at the Colosseum’s grandeur, the Pantheon’s majesty, the illustrious Trajan Column, and the time-worn stones of the Roman Forum.

The journey continues through the epochs with the Renaissance and Baroque architecture evident in the regal palaces and public squares, including the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and Piazza della Minerva. Your afternoon coach tour will not overlook other significant landmarks, such as the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the profound Vatican City.

Your evening is at your discretion to relax or explore, culminating with an overnight stay at your opulent hotel.


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Day 3: Rome to Florence via Perugia and Siena

Enjoy the scenic drive to Florence, with stops in the historic city of Perugia, home to awe-inspiring Etruscan and Roman sites, and the quintessentially medieval Siena, renowned for its UNESCO-listed historic center, the Piazza del Campo, and the stunning Gothic cathedral. Each stop includes curated tours that encapsulate the beauty and historical significance of Italy’s heartland before you retire in Florence for the night.


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Day 4: The Renaissance Tapestry of Florence

After a gourmet breakfast, your day is dedicated to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. Discover the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, and the awe-inspiring Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori. The afternoon is yours to wander at your leisure, exploring the cobblestone streets, with another restful night in Florence.


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Day 5: Florence to Venice Mestre via Bologna and Ravenna

Depart Florence for a day journey through Italy’s rich academic and artistic heritage in Bologna and the mosaic-laden Ravenna, two cities that have contributed vastly to the world’s cultural and historical landscape. Your day’s exploration concludes with your arrival in Mestre, the gateway to Venice, where you will rest in preparation for the Venetian escapade that awaits.


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Day 6: Venetian Vistas and Romantic Musing

Transfer from Mestre to the timeless city of Venice. Discover the grandeur of St. Mark’s Square, the majesty of the cathedral, and the opulence of the Doge’s Palace. Traverse the iconic bridges and canals before winding down your day at your own pace. Return to your hotel in Mestre to savor the day’s memories.


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Day 7: Mestre to Milan via Padua and Verona

Journey through Padua with its cherished Basilica of St. Anthony and the grand Prato della Valle. In Verona, relive the romance of “Romeo and Juliet” and appreciate the Verona Arena’s ancient allure. Conclude your day with your arrival in the cosmopolitan city of Milan for an overnight stay.


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Day 8: Milan to Innsbruck

Milan greets you with a panoramic tour featuring the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the prestigious La Scala Opera House, and the formidable Sforza Castle. Later, traverse the majestic scenery en route to Innsbruck, where the Alpine city welcomes you for the night.


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Day 9: Innsbruck to Salzburg

After breakfast, enjoy a guided tour of Innsbruck’s landmarks, including the Golden Roof, before heading to the cultured streets of Salzburg. Relish in the city’s baroque architecture and musical heritage with an overnight stay in this historical sanctuary.


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Day 10: Salzburg to Vienna

Tour the landmarks associated with Mozart and the city’s illustrious musical legacy before heading to Vienna. The journey takes you through the picturesque “Salzkammergut” region, setting the stage for your introduction to Vienna with an evening to relax.


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Day 11: Vienna’s Imperial Splendor

A comprehensive tour of Vienna awaits, from the majestic Ringstrasse to the imperial Hofburg Palace. Enjoy a cultured walk through the city’s heart, capped with the quintessential Viennese experience: coffee and Sachertorte at a famed café. Spend your final night at leisure, enveloped in Vienna’s timeless elegance.


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Day 12: Farewell Vienna

Indulge in a final Viennese breakfast and spend your remaining moments reflecting on the rich tapestry of memories acquired before your arranged transfer to the airport, concluding your luxurious journey through Italy and Austria.

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