A Boutique Discovery cruise ship.

Prepare for an unparalleled voyage aboard the Elysium, redefining your cruise experience.

Unlike any other journey you’ve encountered, the Elysium offers an exquisite fusion of relaxation, wellness, exploration, and enjoyment.

Explore hidden coves and secluded beaches accessible only by ship. Immerse yourself in the stories of ancient civilizations, master a new craft, indulge in a massage, find serenity during sunset meditations, sip on refreshing drinks, hike along volcanic landscapes, join local fishermen, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and gaze at starlit skies or immerse yourself in a captivating book – the choice is yours. The Elysium presents an array of possibilities to soothe your spirit and engage your senses.

Featuring a limited 25 elegantly adorned and spacious cabins, expansive indoor and outdoor areas, a rejuvenating spa, a well-equipped fitness center, and delectably wholesome Mediterranean cuisine, the Elysium offers a haven of pampering and captivating experiences. Its carefully curated daily activities ensure that your journey is one of endless enchantment. Step aboard the Elysium, where a harmonious blend of well-being and immersive travel awaits, promising an adventure that will linger in your heart forever.

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Ship Specifications

Introducing the Elysium – A Boutique Discovery cruise ship.

Step aboard the exceptional Elysium and immerse yourself in a world of refined elegance. This splendid boutique cruise ship offers an unparalleled sailing experience, seamlessly blending comfort, style, and exceptional service. From its sleek design to its remarkable amenities, the Elysium paves the way for an unforgettable journey.

With an overall length of 63.8 meters and a width of 12.5 meters, the Elysium boasts ample space for both relaxation and exploration. Its 3.42-meter draft ensures smooth navigation through various waterways, ensuring a serene voyage for all aboard. With a gross tonnage of 1610 tons, the vessel perfectly balances size with intimacy.

Prepare to be enchanted by the Elysium’s cruising speed of 11 knots, swiftly transporting you to breathtaking destinations. Safety remains paramount, underlined by the presence of two lifeboats, ensuring peace of mind throughout your voyage.

Step into your personal sanctuary within one of the 25 thoughtfully designed cabins, offering a peaceful haven amidst the stunning scenery. With a capacity of 48 to 58 guests, the Elysium creates an intimate atmosphere, allowing for personalized attention and an exclusive experience. Supported by a dedicated crew of 24 to 28 members, every facet of your journey is meticulously tailored to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Whether you’re basking in the sun on the expansive deck, savoring exquisite cuisine in the onboard dining area, or exploring captivating ports of call, the Elysium promises a voyage of unparalleled splendor and adventure.

Embark on the epitome of boutique cruising with the Elysium. Join us on this exceptional journey where each moment is meticulously crafted to weave enduring memories.

Vessel TypeP/V Passenger Ship
Length Overall63.8M
Gross Tonnage1610T
Cruising Speed11 knots
Total Pax Cabins25

Cabins/Rooming List Spreadsheet

Experience Unrivaled Comfort and Elegance in our Spacious Cabins

Step into a world of unmatched comfort and style as you enter our exquisitely designed cabins. Offering a selection of 25 cabins across five distinctive categories, we provide an array of choices tailored to your preferences.

Each cabin showcases a twin or queen-sized bed furnished with a plush mattress, ensuring a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Immerse yourself in entertainment with a flat-screen TV featuring an assortment of movie channels. Stay seamlessly connected through Wi-Fi access, and keep your treasured belongings secure within the confines of a personal safe.

Pamper yourself in lavishly appointed bathrooms complete with showers and deluxe bath amenities. Additional conveniences encompass individually controlled A/C, a hairdryer, telephone access, and beach towels.

Take your pick from our diverse range of cabin options, including those featuring windows or portholes, single, double, triple arrangements, and interconnected family cabins. Your contentment and well-being take precedence in every design choice we make.

Elevate your voyage to an echelon of opulence and tranquility aboard the Elysium.


Cabin NumberDeckCategoryBedWindow TypeSize (SQFT)
202Lower Deck C2 Flex1 Round Window171
203Lower DeckC2 Flex3 Round Windows151
204Lower DeckB+2 Flex3 Round Windows171
205Lower DeckB2 Flex3 Round Windows161
206Lower DeckB+2 Flex3 Round Windows194
207Lower DeckB2 Flex3 Round Windows161
208Lower DeckB+2 Flex3 Round Windows194
209Lower DeckB2 Flex3 Round Windows161
210Lower DeckB+2 Flex3 Round Windows194
211Lower DeckB2 Flex2 Round Windows161
212Lower DeckB+2 Flex2 Round Windows194
214Lower DeckC1 Double1 Round Window171
215Lower DeckC2 Flex3 Round Windows171
400Upper DeckA+2 Flex2 Picture Windows204
401Upper DeckA+2 Flex2 Picture Windows204
402Upper DeckA+2 Flex2 Picture Windows183
403Upper DeckA+2 Flex2 Picture Windows183
404Upper DeckA2 Flex1 Picture Window171
405Upper DeckA2 Flex1 Picture Window171
406Upper DeckA2 Flex1 Picture Window171
407Upper DeckA+2 Flex1 Picture Window204
408Upper DeckA2 Flex1 Picture Window171
409Upper DeckA+2 Flex1 Picture Window204
410Upper DeckA2 Flex1 Picture Window171
411Upper DeckA+2 Flex1 Picture Window204


Journey Through Myth and Beauty

Day 1 | Lavrion

Start your journey by boarding the ship at Lavrion port. Enjoy a smooth check-in process and a refreshing welcome drink. As you set sail, witness the incredible engineering marvel of the Corinth Canal, a highlight of the transit.


white bridge over blue river between green trees during daytime

Day 2 | Corinth Canal, Itea

After a comfortable overnight sail, wake up to the picturesque Corinth Canal. Marvel at the breathtaking views as the ship passes through this narrow waterway. In Itea, spend the day exploring this charming town known for its proximity to the UNESCO-listed Delphi archaeological site.


underwater caves during daytime

Day 3 | Vasilikos-Zakynthos, Zakynthos Port

Enjoy a morning swim stop at the beautiful Vasilikos area of Zakynthos. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun. Later, arrive at Zakynthos Port, where you can discover the vibrant town and its famous landmarks, including the Venetian Castle and Solomos Square.


aerial-photography of rock formation

Day 4 | Zakynthos Port, Navagio-Zakynthos, Argostoli-Kefalonia

Depart from Zakynthos Port and head to the iconic Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach. Marvel at the stunning turquoise waters and the shipwreck resting on the sandy shore. Continue your journey to Argostoli in Kefalonia, where you can explore the charming town, visit the Caves of Melissani, or relax on the beautiful beaches.


rocky hill with grass facing ocean

Day 5 | Argostoli-Kefalonia, Loudra Bay-Kefalonia, Sami Bay-Kefalonia

Depart from Argostoli and enjoy a swim stop at the idyllic Loudra Bay. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters or simply bask in the sun on the deck. In the afternoon, arrive at Sami Bay, a picturesque port town with a stunning waterfront. Explore the town’s charming streets, visit local tavernas, or venture into the surrounding nature.


white and red concrete houses beside body of water during daytime

Day 6 | Sami Bay-Kefalonia, Gidaki-Ithaka, Ithaka Port

Sail to the hidden gem of Ithaka and make a swim stop at the beautiful Gidaki Beach. Dive into the azure waters and enjoy the tranquility of this secluded spot. Later, arrive at Ithaka Port, the legendary home of Odysseus. Explore the island’s rich history, visit archaeological sites, or simply relax and take in the beauty of Ithaka’s landscapes.


blue and white striped flag on rock formation near body of water during daytime

Day 7 | Zalitsa, Corinth Canal

Enjoy a swim stop at Zalitsa, where you can take a dip in the crystal-clear waters and savor the beauty of the Greek coastline. Later, sail through the Corinth Canal, a narrow waterway that connects the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Admire the stunning cliffs and dramatic landscapes as you transit through this impressive canal.


red and white boat on sea during daytime

Day 8 | Disembarkation at Lavrion

After a memorable journey exploring the Greek islands, disembark the ship at Lavrion. Bid farewell to the crew and fellow travelers, taking with you cherished memories of your exclusive route through the beauty of Greece.

Please note that the daily activities and specific timings may vary based on weather conditions, operational requirements, and the captain’s discretion. The itinerary aims to provide a general overview of the destinations and experiences you can expect during the cruise.

Legends of the Aegean

Day 1 | Lavrion – Cape Sounion

Embarkation at Lavrion port between 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink during your smooth check-in. We set sail for the nearby Cape Sounion, home to the “Temple of Poseidon,” for your first dip in the Aegean waters. Perched at the edge of the cliff, the ancient sanctuary is one of the most important monuments of the golden age of Athens. Dinner onboard. Overnight at anchor.


Day 2 | Delos-Mykonos

Morning arrival at the island of Delos, the mythical birthplace of God Apollo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of unique energy. Mid-day sailing to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. Lunch onboard. Afternoon at leisure to explore the island. Enjoy a sunset drink at Little Venice, photograph the iconic windmills, or simply explore the swirling pathways of the white-washed Chora with its many elegant boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and clubs. We set sail to Naxos in the early morning hours.


Day 3 | Naxos

Wake up at a beautiful cove in Naxos for a swim stop before we sail towards the main port. Lunch onboard. Afternoon arrival for a leisurely exploration of Naxos town and its famous “Portara” or join an optional excursion to the Olive Press Museum, a local liquor distillery, and the traditional village of Apeiranthos. Overnight at port.


aerial photography of body of water

Day 4 | Schoinoussa-Koufonissi

Morning sailing to Schinoussa island for a relaxing day swimming, kayaking, and enjoying lunch onboard. In the afternoon, we sail to tranquil Ano Koufonisi for a guided walking/photography tour with refreshing dips along the way. “Koufonisia,” meaning hollow islands, were given their name by pirates, as the huge caves convinced them the islands were, in fact, hollow. Overnight at port.


Day 5 | Ios-Santorini

Sail to Ios island and enjoy a morning swim stop at Magganari Beach, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece. Lunch onboard. Early afternoon arrival in Santorini for an excursion to Akrotiri prehistoric excavation site and mesmerizing Oia village. Find your perfect dinner spot and experience the world-famous Santorini sunset before returning aboard for our overnight sail to Milos island.


Day 6 | Milos-Kimolos

Morning arrival in the volcanic island of Milos, consistently voted best island in the world. Visit the Geological Mining Museum and the iconic Sarakiniko beach with its milky blue waters and spectacular white rock lunar landscape. In the afternoon, we set sail to Kimolos island, a true hidden gem. Dinner onboard. Evening at leisure to explore the fairy-tale-like chora of Kimolos. Overnight at port.


Day 7 | Sifnos-Kythnos

Mid-morning arrival on the charming island of Sifnos, known for its distinct Cycladic flair, with windmills, white-washed chapels, pristine beaches, and cultural sites of interest. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes as you explore the island’s enchanting chora and wander through its narrow streets filled with traditional shops and cozy cafes. Delight in the island’s gastronomic delights and sample local delicacies at one of the authentic tavernas. In the afternoon, we set sail to Kythnos for a swim stop at Kolona Bay beach, famous for its crystal-clear waters and golden sand. As the sun sets, it’s time for our farewell cocktail & dinner. Late night, we set sail for our return to Athens.


marina zea greece

Day 8 | Lavrion

Disembarkation at Lavrion port after breakfast, before 10:00 AM.

Devine Cyclades

Day 01 – Lavrion port- Hydra

Embarkation at Lavrion between 14:00-15:00. Welcome aboard the Elysium and savor our signature cocktail during a smooth check-in. In the evening, arrive at the Saronic island of Hydra. Enjoy a leisurely walk in one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan and romantically charming destinations. Hydra, an architectural reserve free of motor vehicles, is a summer haven for international celebrities. Indulge in dinner onboard the Elysium and spend the night in Hydra.

pudding jar on table

Day 02 – Nafplion

After breakfast, embark on an exploration of Nafplion and its surroundings. Choose an optional guided tour to the Ancient City of Mycenae and return to visit Nafplion’s numerous museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, the War Museum (the former site of Greece’s first Military School), or the Komboloi Museum, which boasts an impressive global collection of worry beads. Immerse yourself in the history of Greek komboloi and even participate in a workshop to craft your own. Enjoy a romantic evening in one of Greece’s most elegant cities.

brown wooden staircase on gray concrete floor

Day 03 – Fokianos – Monemvasia

Set sail in the morning for the Peloponnese and delight in a swimming break at the stunningly beautiful, sheltered bay of Fokianos, known for its white pebble beach and crystal-clear waters. Lunch is served onboard the Elysium. By late afternoon, arrive in the exquisitely preserved medieval town of Monemvasia, aptly named “the only entrance.” Stroll through its enchanting, narrow, pebbled alleys. Opt for an optional historical tour or hike up to the church of Hagia Sofia, one of Greece’s oldest and most significant Byzantine churches, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Aegean sea from atop the cliff. Overnight in Monemvasia.


a group of boats floating on top of a body of water

Day 04 – Gytheio

Depart in the morning for Gythio, a land of myth and legend. Gythio is said to be the site where Paris of Troy and Helen from Sparta spent their first night together before departing for Troy, igniting the Trojan War. Explore this relaxing and romantic locale. In the late afternoon, set sail for Kythira.


white boat sailing near cave during daytime

Day 05 – Kythira

Wake up in Kythira, the idyllic birthplace of Aphrodite. Explore Hora and its Venetian castle, savoring the tranquility and magic of the island.


people walking on snow covered ground during daytime

Day 06 – Milos

Arrive in the morning at the volcanic island of Milos, consistently voted the world’s best island. Visit the Geological Mining Museum and the iconic Sarakiniko beach with its milky blue waters and stunning white rock lunar landscape. Spend the night at the port.


white concrete building under blue sky during daytime

Day 07 – Sifnos

Arrive mid-morning in Sifnos, a dreamy island boasting traditional white-washed architecture, renowned hiking trails, and a vibrant food scene. Opt for a hike on one of the “Sifnos trails” or choose an optional excursion to the medieval ancient castle and the island’s most photographed spot, the church of Seven Martyrs. Explore Apollonia, the picturesque capital named after the God of light, Apollo. Participate in a cooking experience with locals or relish lunch at one of the charming tavernas. As the sun sets and stars twinkle in the night sky, indulge in our special farewell Dinner. Late at night, set sail for our return to Athens.


wine glasses shallow focus

Day 08 – Lavrion port

Disembarkation at Lavrion port before 10:00 after a fulfilling breakfast.


Experience a seamless and memorable journey aboard our luxurious ship, where we’ve thoughtfully included a range of amenities and services to enhance your trip. Please review the following details to understand what is included and what additional costs you might incur.

Price includes:

  • Vessel and Crew of 24-28 members
  • Accommodation in twin or double cabins with private bath, individually controlled A/C, snuggly all-season duvet, flat screen TV with various channels, music, minibar, personal safe, free wi-fi, hair dryer, telephone for internal use, lavish bath products, spa robes and slippers, beach towels
  • Buffet breakfast, half-board basis, welcome cocktail, BBQ, farewell cocktail on the last evening, still water and unlimited filter coffee, tea, cookies station
  • Room service offered without surcharge.
  • All advice and group yoga, Pilates, aquarobics, meditation sessions with our qualified onboard Wellness Coach
  • Access to mini gym
  • Use of fishing equipment, sanitized snorkeling equipment, and water sports equipment
  • All advice by our multilingual Cruise Concierge
  • Fuel for the suggested itinerary
  • Transfer to the ship from local airport or hotel on day of embarkation
  • Transfer from the ship to local airport or hotel on day of disembarkation


Price does not include:

  • Optional shore excursions or additional land arrangements
  • Spa treatments
  • Boutique purchases
  • Medical services
  • Water ski & scuba diving
  • Passenger personal expenses
  • Crew gratuities at passenger discretion
  • Hair and nail services
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning services
  • Crew’s gratuities (as a guide we recommend €15 p.p./day to be paid directly to the crew)
  • Port charges

Charter Availability 2024-26

SeasonRegionDateStatusCategoryPrice (USD)
20-JulSold Out
2024Greece27-JulSold Out

Additional Items Offered

We are here to customize this trip to best suit your needs. If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to ask. Below are some ideas that we have offered to previous clients, but the sky is the limit.

Main Lounge
The main lounge is a welcoming alternative for relaxing, socializing, enjoying a drink or a bite, and playing board games. Equipped with two large TV screens and ample sitting space, it is also perfect for learning seminars or watching movies.

Reception Area
An embracing space that evokes the spirit and vibe of Elixir Cruises from the moment you step onboard the Elysium. Check in comfortably at our welcome desk, while you enjoy your refreshing welcome drink. Here you will also find the Elixir Boutique, the coffee station, and books and board games for your enjoyment.

Thalassa Main Deck & Bar
This is the heart of the Elysium. In the daytime relax and read your book under the shade sails or simply feel the sea breeze on your face. Al fresco meals are served here, while you may order food and drinks from the all-day menu at the bar. In the evening, the music sets the mood as you unwind and socialize with your fellow travelers. 

Treat yourself, your friends, or your family to stylish gifts from the Elixir Boutique. Classy beach bags and towels, summer jewelry, customized Elixir Cruises items, Gemaya Spa products, and more.

Phos Wellness & Sun Deck
Enjoy morning or sunset yoga and Pilates sessions on the Phos Wellness & Sun Deck. Or simply bask in the sun or under a summer full moon. Equipped with comfy sunbeds, a jacuzzi, and a large slumber sofa it is an inviting spot day or night.

Dining Venues
Meals are mainly served al fresco on the beautiful Thalassa Deck and in our indoor dining room. All-day dining is offered at the Thalassa Bar or anywhere on the Elysium, as well as in the privacy of your cabin through room service.

Food & Beverage
Our cuisine is Mediterranean and deliciously unpretentious, prepared daily with the freshest ingredients. During your cruise, you will enjoy various dining experiences, like sumptuous buffets, a three-course meal, and fish or meat BBQs. We also offer an all-day menu, so you may enjoy nibbles, drinks, fresh juices, and smoothies whenever you feel hungry. Room service and small treats in the minibar give you the option to indulge in the privacy of your cabin. We are happy to accommodate any special food requirements.

The Elysium team genuinely cares. Everyone goes above and beyond to make you happy with a smile. Our onboard team is made up of the main crew, the Captain, the Cruise Director, the Hotel Manager, a resident yoga/Pilates coach, our Balinese spa therapist, as well as visiting masters and a guest archaeologist on select theme cruises.

Yoga, Pilates, or Aqua-Pilates sessions for all levels are offered morning and afternoon on the Phos Wellness & Sun Deck, at the beach, or in the water. You may also arrange a private session with our resident wellness coach. Slumber in style on the sunloungers or soothe your muscles in the jacuzzi after each session.

Gemaya Spa
The Gemaya Spa offers an all-cure experience. A place to melt away your aches and leave your worries behind in the hands of our experienced Balinese therapist. For our treatments, we use Freshline products, an organic Greek line inspired by the Ancient Greek wisdom of herbal therapy. At the Gemaya spa, you may also indulge in a mini manicure or pedicure. Hair appointments can be arranged on request.

Mini Gym
In addition to various fitness & wellness activities, as well as watersports, you may privately work out in the comfort of our equipped mini gym.

Water Toys & Water Sports
Jump off the Elysium and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Sanitized snorkeling equipment, glass bottom kayaks, and SUPs are at your disposal all day and we will happily arrange a round of water ski or scuba diving upon request.

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