The Mapuche Culture in Southern Chile

You can choose to sit on a double-decker bus and listen to a random guide repeat scripted dialogue through a crackling sound system, OR you can submerge yourself into the culture, meet and become friends with indigenous locals who share their experiences of their land and their history with passion. Which do you prefer?

For me, meeting and spending time with the locals of the destinations I visit is a priority. With IWorld of Travel, this is what we call a #memoriesbeyond experience. Trust me, a connection like this will stay with you for the rest of your life. The memory will present itself at random times in the future and you’ll find yourself with an instant smile and warm feeling in your heart as you’re transported back to your new friendships.

During my trip to Araucania in southern Chile, I had the opportunity to get to know the surrounding communities. As a fresh snow had fallen, we headed off to Quinquen School to meet and have breakfast with the children. They were very excited to meet new friends from around the world. They took pride in performing songs from their culture and joining us for many photos. The children danced and followed us out of the school. Once outside, a spontaneous snowball battle began. The sound of their giggles and laughter will always stay with me — another #memoriesbeyond moment. I also had the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Pehuenche lunch where I met Quinquen’s Lonco, the highest authority in the village, as well as his family. #expeditionchile2018 #iworldoftravel #memoriesbeyond


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