A message from the CEO:

Every year at IWorld of Travel is a journey, and this year was certainly no different. We continued to expect more of ourselves, so we could do more for you. Our tagline, Expect more. Do More is a simple message with a deep meaning.

Over the past 52 years, Travel Advisors have come to expect more from us—more marketing, creativity, responsiveness, destination expertise, problem solving, access, and a dedication to building life-changing itineraries. Thus, 2019 was our year of becoming more innovative and creative, along with growing our team of destination experts to serve every region across the globe—Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Israel, and the Middle East—with no limit to the number of custom itineraries we craft. As you’ll see in the pages that follow, we hope to inspire you with distinctive destinations, epic experiences, and journeys designed specifically for you—as personal as the food you eat, friends you keep, clothes you wear, and car you drive. Read ahead to see how committed we are to tailoring itineraries that help you explore the world.

As we look to 2020, we continue to operate in the spirit of our founder, my father Ady Gelber, who didn’t just revolutionize travel in general, but pioneered travel to Israel and the Middle East in the 1970s. He operated under the basic premise that travel is very personal, and in order to deliver on our promises and exceed expectations, we must engender trust, connections, loyalty, and long-lasting global relationships. How carefully we vet our partners and how seriously we take our responsibility to curate the most memorable trips is our number one priority. We will never lose sight of my father’s legacy, as it powers our commitment to consistently offer travelers blissful memories.

Travel memories are feelings that come at unexpected moments, stirred by our senses—a taste, touch, scent, sound, or visual impact. The taste of ceviche triggers memories of Peru; touching fluffy sheepskin rugs conjures Scotland; the scent of jasmine awakens recollections of morning walks in Israel; the sound of Mariachi transports us to Mexico; just as clinking cowbells evoke Argentina. At IWorld of Travel, we believe that great travel not only connects to our senses, but also to our souls, so that even after the journey is over, the spirit of our adventure lives forever within us.

In this issue, you will see how we specialize in designing #memoriesbeyond moments, a concept we created that goes beyond the sensory experiences of travel to encompass personal connections—laughter, emotion, friendship, love, and sharing. It’s why travel is so important to wellbeing. Breaking bread with locals; sharing a laugh with a tour guide; dancing with strangers who become friends; feeling the emotional tug of a historical site, or the awe of learning something new.

‘We travel not to escape life, but so life does not escape us,’ is a philosophy we could not agree with more.

All of us at IWorld of Travel are looking forward to another year of creating journeys that fill your bucket list full of #memoriebeyond moments.


Michael Gelber

CEO & Chairman of the Board



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