A message from the CEO:

I look back at our company’s achievements over the past 51 years with tremendous pride, and I look forward with great optimism for what the future holds. I am gratified that, under my father’s leadership, so many people were devoted to creating “memories beyond” moments for travelers. We have seen international travel grow from being a privilege for the few to a must for all. As an industry leader, IWorld of Travel has pioneered bringing new destinations to the American traveler, always focusing our efforts on the traveler. This, above all else, has been the core of our foundation and has contributed to our consistent recognition as a global leader in travel.

When taking the reins of IWorld of Travel, I also discovered a company that takes great pains to vet those who want to be part of the team—a company that places a premium on seeking employees and supplier partners committed to the simple premise that good enough is never good enough, when you can be better, and better isn’t good enough if you can be best. And what became even clearer to me is that the strength and longevity of this company isn’t just about the hundreds of destinations we support or promote, but more about ensuring the people who work on your behalf are committed to providing you the very best.

We are a company that has always been attentive to the changing trends in the travel industry, and with that comes a responsibility to make sure we are able to provide the most unique and up-to-date itineraries for journeys around the world. At the end of the day, we have evolved into a trusted travel broker, similar to a financial broker who is entrusted to invest your or your client’s money to yield the safest and most memorable return. Our team understands the trust that is being placed in our hands, and we take it very seriously. Our strength, and your peace of mind, comes from knowing and trusting our partners, and from their confidence and trust in us.

A company that has been in business 51 years possesses experience, history, and long-term global partnerships working together for decades, establishing a level of trust and respect that is unmatched. A company that is innovative, creative and has access to securing travel experiences that only these types of relationships are able to ensure. In other words, …

…. you don’t make it half a century in business by just being good enough.


Michael Gelber
CEO/CFO & Chairman of the Board

# D I E W I T H M E M O R I E S N O T D R E A M S