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All shore excursion tours include daily pickup and drop-off at your port of call.

Full-day tour of Easter Island, starting with Anakena Beach, which has 2 reconstructed sites and two others which have withstood the test of time. Continue to Ahu Te Pito Kura, which has the largest Moai to be raised on a platform, over 30 feet tall. Then on to Rano Raraku, without a doubt one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the entire world, with 396 Moai (statues) in a quarry which is an extinct volcano. It has the largest Moai ever carved, measuring a staggering 66 feet. After a picnic lunch, continue to Ahu Tongariki, one of the most visually stunning sites on the island, with the largest reconstructed temple in all of Polynesia. Then on to Ahu Akahanga, believed to be the grave of the first king of the island.

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