Stjepan Jelacic

Elite Charter Concierge


Stjepan Jelacic is a native Croatian and industry veteran with extensive experience both off ship and onboard cruises. As our newly appointed Elite Charter Concierge, Stjepan is responsible for every detail onboard our luxurious fleet of deluxe small ships: Adriatic King, Adriatic Queen, Avantura, and Alfa Mario.

With business booming in Croatia, we are thrilled with the success of our charter cruises. Stjepan’s role is crucial in ensuring smooth sailing on the Adriatic. He will handle all your needs before, during, and after the cruise. His significant expertise in the Adriatic region allows him to create seamless pre- and post-cruise packages. During the cruise, Stjepan provides additional services such as dinner reservations, off-ship excursions, entertainment, and customized premiums for your guests on the ship. He also offers assistance with understanding pricing options and answers any other questions you may have.

Stjepan’s engaging personality, quick wit, and problem-solving prowess make his presence both a delight and a comfort. His dedication to providing exceptional service ensures that every aspect of your journey with us is remarkable and unforgettable.

More About 
Stjepan Jelacic

Stjepan’s top guilty pleasure is food—something he enjoys perhaps a bit too much but can’t resist. He finds his greatest happiness when he’s with his family, cherishing those moments of togetherness and love. Currently, he binge-watches “Outlander,” captivated by its historical drama and gripping storyline. The “Lord of the Rings” series has profoundly influenced his life, as he considers it nearly perfect in every way, with its epic storytelling and rich world-building.

Beyond his family and loved ones, Stjepan values trust, honor, honesty, and fairness. These principles guide his interactions and relationships, both personally and professionally. In his free afternoons, he loves to spend time walking, enjoying the simple pleasure of moving and reflecting.

In his professional life, Stjepan finds joy in meeting new people, connecting with them, and exploring new ideas. He thrives on the fresh perspectives and innovative concepts that these interactions bring. If you were to look at his vision board, you’d see a lot of content in Croatian—an intimate reflection of his heritage and personal aspirations, even if it’s a bit hard to understand for those unfamiliar with the language.

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