Lin Chen

Destination Specialist, Asia

Office: 212.507.9346
Mobile: 204.292.5063

Lin has more than two decades of experience in the travel industry, specializing in China inbound and outbound travel. She is skilled in multiple capacities, from tour guide and trip leader to program designer and sales manager. She is expert at customizing trips based on her clients’ needs and interests including family travel. Lin has unique, intimate insider knowledge of the destinations she covers, spanning many countries and continents. Her experience extends throughout Asia, from Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia to Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Lin is also familiar with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. A native of China, Lin is fluent in Mandarin and English and communicates effectively with international agents, suppliers, tour operators, and clients.

More About 
Lin Chen

Lin loves to travel to new places and enjoys having a cup of coffee by the beach or in a coffee house while reading an interesting book in a different country. She remembers each of her trips fondly…the taste of the food, the laughter, and the people. As a foodie, she likes to experience cuisine from all around the world, especially seafood. At work, she is most fulfilled when clients return to her to plan a new trip to a different destination. Lin dreams of one day residing in another country for a period of time to explore and discover a new destination.

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