Frane Skoric

Destination & Charter Booking Specialist | Italy, Balkans

Office: 212.507.9279

As IWorld of Travel’s Destination & Charter Booking Specialist for Italy and the Balkans, Frane Skoric epitomizes the meticulous coordination and bespoke service that luxury voyages demand. Frane is the architect behind your meticulously planned itineraries, deftly crafting each voyage to ensure that every leg of the journey unfolds with precision. His role encompasses the careful selection of destinations, coordination of all charter bookings, and tailoring each trip to meet the unique preferences and desires of discerning travelers.

With an intimate knowledge of the most captivating Italian landscapes and the rich cultural tapestry of the Balkans, Frane is not just a specialist but a connoisseur of the Mediterranean’s hidden gems. He brings destinations to life, transforming them from mere locations on a map to unforgettable experiences. From securing the most sought-after charters to ensuring that each aspect of travel aligns with IWorld of Travel’s high standards, Frane’s expertise is your passport to a journey beyond the ordinary.

Frane’s journey in the travel industry is a testament to his passion for exploration and his commitment to excellence. His extensive experience includes managing the complexities of organized travel for both business and private tours, encompassing everything from flights and accommodations to transfers, meals, tours, visas, and more. His proficiency in account and passenger database management ensures that every detail is accounted for, making each journey seamless and stress-free.

Having honed his skills with Atlas and various other Croatian travel agencies, Frane’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own licensed agency, serving both the domestic and international markets. His breadth of industry experience and entrepreneurial acumen make him a cornerstone of the IWorld of Travel team, where his insights and meticulous planning are invaluable assets to travelers and travel advisors alike.

Frane Skoric is more than a booking specialist; he is your guide to the exceptional, your curator of the exquisite, and your assurance that the journey ahead will be as flawless as it is memorable.

More About 
Frane Skoric

An avid traveler, Frane has visited more than a dozen states across the US, many countries in Europe, and Thailand. He is happiest playing sports of any kind, watching his son grow up, enjoying nature, hiking, skiing, or at the sea on his boat with family and friends. He likes to create exceptional experiences for tourists and meeting new people from all over the world.

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