Burcu Ince

Destination Specialist, Turkey/Europe

Email: burcu@iworldoftravel.com
Office: 929.577.9143
Mobile: +90.532.712.64.88
WhatsApp: +90 532 712 64 88

Burcu has worked in the travel industry for a decade, including event management and incentive-based travel. A native of the southern coast of Turkey, she was raised with the joys of the sea and the tastes of her country. She has been traveling since the age of 2 and has visited more than 30 countries around the world which have nurtured her love of exploring new places and discovering different cultures and people. Burcu loves photography which combines her artistic side with her adventurous nature and preserves her unforgettable travel memories and her life experiences. She also enjoys making chocolate and savoring its sweetness.

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