Alejandro Abad

Design Specialist

Office: +51997418089
WhatsApp: +51997418089

Alejandro Saul Abad Limon is a graphic designer and digital publicist who began his career as a designer in 2015 and expanded into digital publicity in 2016. With a passion for visual arts, he developed skills in digital illustration as a hobby. He has experience assisting as a photographer on photo shoots and directing photo sessions for an independent brand. As a UX/UI designer, Alejandro has been involved in laying out and designing websites, developing content strategies for better positioning, and conducting SEO analysis in recent years.

More About 
Alejandro Abad

Alejandro’s top guilty pleasure is indulging in BBQ wings, and his most worthwhile splurge has been Time. He feels the happiest when he reaches the goals he has set for himself. In his free time, Alejandro enjoys binge-watching shows like The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, One Piece, Castlevania, and Malcolm in the Middle. The book “Critique of Pure Reason” by Immanuel Kant has had a significant influence on his life, teaching him about emotional intelligence. His musical tastes are eclectic, encompassing electro music, 80’s rock, hip-hop, indie, reggaeton, dubstep, and more. Aside from family and loved ones, Alejandro values animals the most. He likes to spend his free afternoons illustrating or hanging out with friends. Among his travels, Montañitas in Ecuador and Buenos Aires in Argentina stand out as memorable places. What he loves most about his job is the creativity it allows him to express. If you were to look at his vision board, you would see the various projects he hopes to achieve. In the future, Alejandro dreams of traveling to different destinations, buying a BMW E30, and transforming a Honda motorcycle into a retro scrambler.

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