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IWorld of Travel is pleased to announce the addition of Melanie Segnorile to the team of Destination Experts.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (May 1, 2019)—IWorld of Travel is pleased to announce the newest member of our team, Melanie Segnorile, who fills the position of Destination Expert headquartered in Florida. Segnorile brings a strong background in travel, having started as a guide in Argentina and working her way up through the ranks at a travel agency. She has several years of experience booking international trips for her clients, is bilingual in both English and Spanish, and has a working knowledge of Portuguese. 

“Melanie brings a passion, intelligence, and desire to want to grow and to do what is best. She is a great fit for our company and with all of our team members.” said Michael Gelber, IWorld of Travel’s Chief Executive Officer.

In her new role, Segnorile will be focusing on working in conjunction with IWorld of Travel’s team of Destination Experts, handling operations, destinations, and global partner relations. In addition, Segnorile will work directly with CEO Michael Gelber to grow IWorld of Travel’s supplier contacts in South America, support Gelber’s Way expansion, and procure marketing agreements with our partners. She will also focus on client relations.

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