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Dear Travel Advisors, Partners, and Clients,

IWorld of Travel’s enduring mission is to inspire people to explore the globe. The love of travel is our lifeblood, coursing through our veins, motivating us every waking moment to share the wonders of the world, to incite wanderlust, and to take travelers to the places of their dreams.

Yet, in an instant, the moment the coronavirus became a pandemic affecting every continent except Antarctica, the world changed. Many destinations are now off-limits and more countries are reporting outbreaks every day. The bittersweet truth—as our planet became more accessible, it also became more communicable.

Our number one priority is safety. So while we read CDC, NIH, and WHO updates, watch our local news, avoid large crowds, wash our hands and keep them away from our faces, we will take a (short, we hope!) staycation. Our emails and social media messages will not be promoting destinations we all love dearly, but will instead focus on our responsibilities in the travel industry and as global citizens.

We are, after all, all in this together. We know that travel is essential to our health and wellbeing, to the world economy, and to the life of our planet. We know for certain that one day this crisis will be behind us and our lives will return to normal. And soon we will be wishing each other bon voyage and safe travels!

Best regards,

Michael Gelber

CEO & Chairman of the Board, IWorld of Travel