Kosher River Cruise Registration

June 8th, 2022

Registration for the Kosher River Cruise in June 2022 is OPEN.

There is a limited quantity of cabins, and advisors will be able to register on a first-come-first-served basis.

Deposit of $1800pp to reserve cabin due, deposit fully refundable up to 120 days prior to departure.

Full passenger travel details and $1,800.00 per person deposit is required to confirm your cruise cabin(s)

Kosher River Cruise Registration

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Pre and/or Post Cruise Enhancements

Our Kosher Jewish Heritage tours were created to enhance and extend your Kosher River Cruise Experience.

Send Me More Info on Kosher Jewish Heritage Tours

Travel Protection Insurance

Travel Protection is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Protect your family and investment in case of last minute illness, accident, family emergency, delayed or canceled flights causing you to miss your cruise, etc.

Your total cost of insurance will be approximately 8% of the total cost of your vacation package

Travel Protection Insurance

By submitting, you certify that you are the cardholder and are authorizing I World of Travel or its chosen Tour Operator/Supplier/Cruise Line to charge the listed amount to the credit card.

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You certify that you have verified that all information contained in the reservation form is accurate.

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the Terms and conditions and the appropriate Travel Protection Plan details. Cancellation penalties may apply. Insurance is not refundable. This charge will be manually applied by I World of Travel and it’s partners to your reservation. If there are any issues, an agent will get back to you. Please note that you may not see a charge from the travel agency on your credit card statement; the charge will come from I World of Travel and/or the airline directly. Payment may take 3-5 business days to fully process and be reflected on your statement. By checking the box below and adding your signature, you indicate that the above amount is correct, you authorize the travel agency to charge your credit card for the specified amount, and you agree to the terms and conditions.

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