Our travelers have come to expect more from us and we thrive by beating expectations and going further—always becoming better and better. You’ll find our wellness travel options are no exception. Expect an experience, not an itinerary. Expect to be fully in the moment. Expect to find peace in nature. Expect to feel centered, balanced, and free. Expect quick intakes of breath at surprising, magnificent sights. And expect to breathe deeply in gratitude.

Unforgettable moments will saturate your memory with a healthy dose of mindfulness long after you return home. Feel the magic of the place, and discover the magic within you. Choose from an exhilarating array of amazing destinations and unique experiences to create custom trips that satisfy each traveler.

We offer the chance to create custom trips from a menu of enticing options with something interesting for everyone.

 IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.

Shore Excursions

IWorld of Travel draws on a half century of destination expertise to create the most memorable off-ship experiences anywhere on the globe. Whether or not you choose us to book your cruise, you can trust IWorld of Travel to offer authenticity, originality, and access on shore. Our custom itineraries burst with discovery and immersion and keep our travelers coming back year after year. From Havana to Hong Kong, Spain to Singapore, Italy to Israel, Machu Picchu to the Mediterranean—and everywhere in between—our tours are not a one-size-fits-all. Our travelers expect more, and they get it. They expect a deep dive into the culture and customs of a place, not a drive-by visit. They expect an emotional, lifelong memory, not a checkmark on a bucket list. And they expect—and get—more moments of pure joy than you can imagine.

  • Private shore excursions are custom designed for individuals rather than large-capacity generic tours offered by cruise lines—at more affordable pricing
  • A wide array of choices and themes—scenic, culinary, beach, active, wellness, cultural, and more—offer more distinctive experiences
  • An IWorld of Travel destination specialist is assigned to your booking from start to finish
  • Cruise lines and port schedules are matched with pick up and drop off at pier according to specific ship arrival and departure times
  • Choice of half-day, full-day, or up to three days with hotel arrangements

IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.

Small Luxury Group Departures

Our 'Small Group Departures' are the perfect way to experience a destination within small group settings. Enjoy unparalleled insider access, the best of hotels and seamless connections while traveling in luxury with like-minded fellow travelers. With intimate group sizes of no more than 15 guests, you can count on us for an unbeatable value for the experience.

Faith Based Travel

Explore your faith with IWorld of Travel whose origins began a half century ago pioneering group trips to Israel. Our inspirational itineraries draw on decades of destination expertise, whether you dream of wandering through biblical history in Israel, tracing your religious roots in Ethiopia, discovering your heritage in Turkey, embracing Catholicism at the Vatican, or praying at sacred sites in Poland. Our custom itineraries are uplifting and spiritually enriching, ensuring an emotional, lifelong memory—and for many, a repeat visit.

  • Custom-designed itineraries with various pricing options
  • Exclusive group excursions available
  • An IWorld of Travel destination specialist is assigned to your booking from start to finish
  • A wide array of faith-based choices offering distinctive experiences

IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.



When you travel with us to Israel, you bring along 50+ years of expertise. Our story in Israel is an epic one, begun by our founder, Ady Gelber, who pioneered travel to the country more than half a century ago. The local relationships, first-hand knowledge, insider access, and trusted connections in the region have endured through the decades to the delight of our travelers today. We will show you the true Israel—from the biblical world to the buzz of modern life; from behind-the-scenes of the famous Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv to the unfathomable beauty of the desert in Negev. You’ll discover a vibrant, thriving, and dynamic culture—an Israeli Silicon Valley, filled with successful start-ups in science, space, security, and medicine. You’ll follow in the footsteps of Jesus along the Via Dolorosa in Old Jerusalem and visit Christianity’s holiest site at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. You’ll linger at the Western Wall, Judaism’s most sacred place, having surrounded Temple Mount. You’ll float in the Dead Sea, gaze at the Sea of Galilee, marvel at King Herod’s Masada, ascend the Mount of Olives, stroll through the ruins in Caesarea, meander through Nazareth and Bethlehem, wander the Road to Damascus, and feel the centuries float by. From biblical times to present day, Israel is a uniquely life-changing journey. We offer prearranged itineraries and custom-crafted programs designed for individuals and group travelers.

Choose from:
Private Car Programs
See the sites from the luxury of a private car and driver. Our programs combine the comfort of deluxe hotels with the intimacy of a personal car and dedicated guide.

Prearranged itineraries
Discover the world’s most exotic destinations and timeless attractions with time-tested itineraries guaranteed to deliver a true #memoriesbeyond experience.

Small luxury group departures
Experience a destination with a small group of no more than 15 guests. Enjoy unparalleled insider access, the best hotels, and seamless connections while traveling in style with like-minded fellow travelers.

Faith-based Journeys
Explore your faith on a spiritual journey to the Holy Land with inspirational itineraries drawn from our decades of expertise in Israel. As a leading provider of Jewish heritage travel and Christian tours to Israel, we assure deeply moving and gratifying experiences.

Special Interest Tours
No matter your preference—from culture to cuisine, architecture to art, history to heritage—we will custom design an extraordinary experience for you or your group.


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Israel, A Divine Destination

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The Holy Land


Ancient Culture – Fresh Perspective

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