Experience the Greek Islands 7.26.2024

Luxury Charter Ship Gemaya

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You are invited to Experience the Gemaya 7.26.24

This exquisite yacht, stretching an impressive 33 meters, seamlessly merges its distinguished military heritage with contemporary luxury, setting a new benchmark in nautical elegance.

Voyage to the Heart of the Ionian
Voyage to the Heart of the Ionian

Day 0 | Prelude to Adventure – A Night in Athens

Begin your journey with a serene evening at the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, a sanctuary of luxury nestled by the Athenian Riviera. As twilight deepens, join us for a Welcome Dinner at Papaioannou Restaurant Vouliagmeni, where the flavors of Greece promise a feast for the senses. This night of culinary delight sets the stage for the adventures that await.
Hotel: Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso
Dinner: Papaioannou Restaurant Vouliagmeni


green and brown mountain beside body of water during daytime

Day 1 | Embarkation – A Golden Welcome
Embark on the luxurious Gemaya, your floating haven for the next eight days. Commence your journey with a serene swim in the Saronic Gulf’s sparkling waters, just before the Corinth Canal. As the sun sets, gather on deck for an exquisite welcome dinner, where the sea’s symphony serenades your first of many unforgettable nights.


Day 2 | Corinth Canal to Nafpaktos – Continental Crossroads
Rise with the sun to navigate the Corinth Canal, a historic waterway bridging seas and continents. Post-passage, dive into Zalitsa Bay’s crystal-clear waters for a refreshing pause. By nightfall, find sanctuary in Nafpaktos’ welcoming embrace, under the watchful gaze of a billion stars.


town beside sea on the foot of the mountain

Day 3 | Ithaca – Echoes of Antiquity
Set sail for Ithaca, an island wrapped in the legend of Odysseus. Here, ancient myths echo through the olive groves and azure waters invite peaceful reflection. Moor in this legendary locale, surrendering to its enduring charm and warm, Ionian hospitality.


a group of potted plants sitting next to a building

Day 4 | Cephalonia’s Enchantment
Depart from Ithaca with the promise of Cephalonia’s shores ahead. Spend the day exploring secluded coves and vibrant marine life, each stop a masterpiece painted by nature. As evening falls, dine al fresco, with the cosmos unfolding above, an astral canopy for your night at sea.


rocky and grass mountain island during day

Day 5 | Zakynthos – Jewel of the Ionian
Awake and navigate to Zakynthos, an island where beauty is born from limestone cliffs and sandy coves. Witness the raw, dramatic allure of Shipwreck Beach, an emblem of nature’s power and artistry. Anchor and let the island’s rhythm move you, as the day melts into a velvety night.


woman standing near brown metal frame on seashore

Day 6 | Mesolonghi – Lagoon of Serenity
Cruise towards the tranquil waters of Mesolonghi, a paradise for sea lovers. Enjoy a swim in its famed lagoon before retiring to the quaint Loutraki Bay, a prelude to your return through the Corinth Canal, as the Gemaya retraces her wake through this ancient maritime corridor.


white concrete temple frame near body of water

Day 7 | Sounion – Poseidon’s Embrace
Sail through the Corinth Canal once more, journeying to the legendary Cape Sounion. Here, amidst the ruins of Poseidon’s temple, indulge in a farewell dinner colored by the hues of the setting sun, a feast for the senses and a toast to the memories made.


wine glasses shallow focus

Day 8 | Lavrion – The Journey’s End
On the final day, as you return to Lavrion, reflect on the journey that has taken you deep into the heart of Ionian lore. You disembark not just with memories, but with a new narrative woven into the rich tapestry of Grecian maritime history.

This bespoke voyage is more than a route across the Ionian Sea; it’s an intimate exploration of its most storied islands, each day a chapter in a tale of discovery. On the Gemaya, every moment is an invitation to live the Ionian dream, set sail on seas of legend, and anchor in the soul of Greek nautical splendor.

July Greece Cruise Special Invite | RSVP: OPEN

  • Transfer to hotel on the day of arrival
  • Hotel stay the night before embarkation
  • Welcome Dinner on the day of arrival
  • Transfer to ship on the day of embarkation
  • Transfer to the airport on the day of disembarkation
  • All listed inclusions on the website with Gemaya experience
  • Surprise land add-ons.

We’re thrilled you can join us in Greece.
We look forward to serving you and making you feel like part of our family.

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