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Cruise the Croatian Coast & Islands

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Explore Croatia’s sparkling Adriatic waters, coastal cities, and lush islands on an ultra-luxury charter cruise for seven nights. Choose from a fleet of four spectacular ships, owned and operated by family-run enterprises and captained by local experts who know the deepest secrets of the sea. Design your own itinerary, select your preferred route, ports, and swim stops, opt for specific guided excursions and walking tours, plan pre- and post-cruise adventures, and enjoy the privacy, exclusivity, and comfort of being with family, friends, or business colleagues. Whether you are hosting a family reunion, an intimate wedding, rewarding clients, or just traveling with a group, a chartered Croatian cruise promises exquisite experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Adriatic King

The Newest Pearl of the Adriatic

Story of the King

Boris Bakija (owner of the BALK company and captain of Adriatic King) is an engineering technician by profession, but seaman and captain by passion. He has earned certification to captain ships up to 500 brt.
Boris’s sea adventure began in 1989 when he went tuna fishing in the Pacific Ocean and spent the next 9 years at sea. Upon his return home, he started a new venture and began growing his own fleet of fishing ships. By 2015, he had 3.
In 2015, Boris and his business partner bought a small cruise ship, Adriatic Queen, which they still own. In 2017, he decided it was time to say farewell to his fishing boats and he sold them. He bought another small cruise ship, Equator, which sailed for his company BALK during the seasons 2017, 2018 and 2019. At the end of season 2019, he sold Equator and began another era in his sea adventure. He started the construction of the new pearl in his crown, a new ship called Adriatic King which sailed for the first time on June 26th, 2021.
Boris always includes his family in his businesses. The company name, BALK, represents the initials of the Bakija family: Boris, Anita, Lovre and Katarina.



Adriatic Queen

Story of the Adriatic Queen

The Pedišić family comes from the island of Pašman. For generations, our family has always had strong bonds to the sea since my grandfather was a fisherman and my father was a captain on transoceanic ships. Living with them taught me how to live with the sea and love it and it was precisely that love which led me to choose a fisherman’s life. In my twenties, I bought my first fishing ship, Jadran III. At the very beginning of my career, I noticed big flaws in Croatian fishing, so I decided to try to innovate some necessary changes. I founded the first association of the fishing trawlers whose main goal is to improve the sustainability of sea resources through cooperation between the fishermen and the scientists. While seeking improved processes in fishing, I have always looked for new types of business and I found the perfect one in ecological touristic trawling. Touristic fishing offers the tourist the opportunity to get to know how professional fishermen work and at the same time, it is approved by organizations like UNDP and GEF.
My well-run business allowed me to buy another ship which carried the name of my grandfather. With the help of EU funding, I dismantled my fishing ship Ljubo and I decided to buy a small cruise ship with that money. In 2017, together with my business partner, I bought Adriatic Queen in Greece and that is how I took a new path in my life. My long-term experience as a fisherman gives me knowledge of some well-hidden and extremely beautiful spots of the Adriatic which I can show to our guests. The proof of great work and high-quality service is the prize for Best Ship which we obtained for season 2019. Our highly professional crew is the key to maintaining our top-quality service level. Our crew is made up of my family members: my wife Antonija, my 2 sons, Danijel and Petar, who work together with Miloš, the best chef in the fleet, Ante, the best waiter you’ll ever meet and last, but definitely not least, Karmen, our omni-present housekeeper.
We invite you to be a part of the Adriatic Queen family and to experience some unforgettable moments in the most beautiful spots in the Adriatic.
Captain Joško Pedišić




Story of the Bella

My name is Nenad Grujić and I’m the owner and captain of my ship Bella. As a child, I spent my holidays with my uncles and grandfather on their boats on the sea and ever since then, I dreamed about living the life they lived. Although my first business was a successful pizzeria, all I could think of was the Adriatic and the ship. Every single penny I saved was put aside for buying my future ship. Although people made fun of me and laughed at my plans, I made my dream come true in 2013 when I bought my first ship, Nerezine. Nerezine will be 100 years old this year.
Every winter, I spent whole days working on Nerezine and a new idea and plan grew in my mind: to have a new ship. I spent so much time and effort thinking about the ship’s design and its functionality, since I really wanted my ship to be different from all other ships on the Adriatic. In 2018, my wish to have a ship, as well as a unique design, was recognized by Denis Teskera who supported the construction of Bella. We made an agreement in a mere five minutes and ever since then, we grew not only a business relationship, but also a true friendship.
On June 29th, 2019, Bella sailed for the first time and my dream became a reality!
During the past seasons with both of my ships, I have gained lots of experience and many friendships, but most important, I learned what my guests need to have a perfect vacation.
Bella is my pride, and my wish is to keep it that way!




Alfa Mario


Cabin Bookings: Open for 2022

Our newly launched Croatian cruises have been so popular that 75% our 2022 charter departures have sold out! However, we are now selling available 2022 cabins on our luxurious ships—Adriatic King, Adriatic Queen, Bella, Alfa Mario and Lastavica—cruising the stunning Dalmatian coast and Adriatic islands.

*Currently on hold.
**6 day route (Sunday-Saturday).
***Per person based on double occupancy.

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Charter Booking: Open for 2023

2023 DeparturesPricing SeasonBella RoutesFull Service CharterAdriatic King RoutesFull Service CharterAdriatic Queen RoutesFull Service Charter
04/29/2023lowST-DU$57,330 DU-RI$72,870 ST-ST$45,020
05/06/2023lowDU-ST$57,330 RI-DU$72,870 ST-ST$47,540
05/13/2023lowST-DU$57,330 DU-RI$72,870 ST-ST$47,540
05/20/2023lowDU-ST$57,330 RI-DU$72,870 ST-ST$47,540
05/27/2023midST-DU$63,650 DU-RI$76,510 ST-ST$50,420
06/03/2023midDU-ST$63,650 RI-DU$76,510 ST-ST$50,420
06/10/2023highST-DU$66,810 DU-RI$80,340 ST-ST$54,020
06/17/2023highDU-ST$66,810 RI-DU$80,340 ST-ST$54,020
06/24/2023highST-DU$66,810 DU-ST$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
07/01/2023highDU-ST$66,810 ST-DU$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
07/08/2023highST-DU$66,810 DU-ST$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
07/15/2023highDU-ST$66,810 ST-DU$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
07/22/2023highST-ST$66,810 DU-ST$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
07/29/2023midST-ST$64,440 ST-DU$64,110 ST-ST$50,420
08/05/2023midST-ST$64,440 DU-ST$64,110 ST-ST$50,420
08/12/2023midST-ST$64,440 ST-DU$64,110 ST-ST$50,420
08/19/2023midST-ST$64,440 DU-ST$64,110 ST-ST$50,420
08/26/2023midST-ST$64,440 ST-DU$64,110 ST-ST$50,420
09/02/2023highST-DU$66,810 DU-ST$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
09/09/2023highDU-ST$66,810 ST-DU$67,320 ST-ST$54,020
09/16/2023highST-DU$66,810 DU-RI$80,340 ST-ST$54,020
09/23/2023highDU-ST$66,810 RI-DU$80,340 ST-ST$54,020
09/30/2023midST-DU$63,650 DU-RI$76,510 ST-ST$50,420
10/07/2023lowDU-ST$57,330 RI-DU$72,870 ST-ST$47,540
10/14/2023lowST-DU$57,330 DU-RI$72,870 ST-ST$45,020

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