Our travelers have come to expect more from us and we thrive by beating expectations and going further—always becoming better and better. You’ll find our wellness travel options are no exception. Expect an experience, not an itinerary. Expect to be fully in the moment. Expect to find peace in nature. Expect to feel centered, balanced, and free. Expect quick intakes of breath at surprising, magnificent sights. And expect to breathe deeply in gratitude.

Unforgettable moments will saturate your memory with a healthy dose of mindfulness long after you return home. Feel the magic of the place, and discover the magic within you. Choose from an exhilarating array of amazing destinations and unique experiences to create custom trips that satisfy each traveler.


  • Discover the heart of prayer and pilgrimage in sacred monasteries and temples
  • Recharge your batteries with a yoga session at the palace of the Dalai Lama


  • Wander the path to wellness and meet with an Ayurvedic doctor to learn about your personal health. Find the cure for headaches and insomnia!
  • Sample delectable Indian cuisine after a cooking lesson to nourish mind and body


  • Salute the sun at the 2,000-year-old Great Wall of China
  • Awaken without an alarm to a stress relieving 24-hour spa day

We offer the chance to create custom trips from a menu of enticing options with something interesting for everyone.

Please see some sample itineraries for our Asia wellness experiences below and click here to see all of the experiences that we offer.

IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.


IWorld of Travel draws on a half century of destination expertise to create the most memorable off-ship experiences anywhere on the globe. Whether or not you choose us to book your cruise, you can trust IWorld of Travel to offer authenticity, originality, and access on shore. Our custom itineraries burst with discovery and immersion and keep our travelers coming back year after year. From Havana to Hong Kong, Spain to Singapore, Italy to Israel, Machu Picchu to the Mediterranean—and everywhere in between—our tours are not a one-size-fits-all. Our travelers expect more, and they get it. They expect a deep dive into the culture and customs of a place, not a drive-by visit. They expect an emotional, lifelong memory, not a checkmark on a bucket list. And they expect—and get—more moments of pure joy than you can imagine.

  • Private shore excursions are custom designed for individuals rather than large-capacity generic tours offered by cruise lines—at more affordable pricing
  • A wide array of choices and themes—scenic, culinary, beach, active, wellness, cultural, and more—offer more distinctive experiences
  • An IWorld of Travel destination specialist is assigned to your booking from start to finish
  • Cruise lines and port schedules are matched with pick up and drop off at pier according to specific ship arrival and departure times
  • Choice of half-day, full-day, or up to three days with hotel arrangements

Please see some sample itineraries for our Asia shore excursions below and click here to see all of the experiences that we offer.

IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.

Small Luxury Group Departures

Our 'Small Group Departures' are the perfect way to experience a destination within small group settings. Enjoy unparalleled insider access, the best of hotels and seamless connections while traveling in luxury with like-minded fellow travelers. With intimate group sizes of no more than 15 guests, you can count on us for an unbeatable value for the experience.

Faith Based Travel

Explore your faith with IWorld of Travel whose origins began a half century ago pioneering group trips to Israel. Our inspirational itineraries draw on decades of destination expertise, whether you dream of wandering through biblical history in Israel, tracing your religious roots in Ethiopia, discovering your heritage in Turkey, embracing Catholicism at the Vatican, or praying at sacred sites in Poland. Our custom itineraries are uplifting and spiritually enriching, ensuring an emotional, lifelong memory—and for many, a repeat visit.

  • Custom-designed itineraries with various pricing options
  • Exclusive group excursions available
  • An IWorld of Travel destination specialist is assigned to your booking from start to finish
  • A wide array of faith-based choices offering distinctive experiences

Please click here to see all of the faith based experiences that we offer.

IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.

City Packages

Drawing on 50+ years of travel expertise, IWorld of Travel has uncovered a bucket list full of must-see cities. Come along to experience our unique brand of travel—our city packages take you on a journey from A to Z, from Agra to Zagreb. Browse the world in cities and their surroundings, from Arusha to Aswan; from Cusco to Cappadocia; from Jerusalem to Johannesburg; from Kyoto to Kerak and on and on. Look for our city packages and discover your dreams.

  • Quick overview of each destination describing experiential highlights
  • Custom itineraries for 2-5 days or longer depending on the area and number of sites
  • Hotels, private cars, transfers, and meals all designated

Please see some sample itineraries for our Asia city tours below and click here to see all of the experiences that we offer.

IWorld of Travel

Expect More. Do More.



Asia opens a world of exclusivity and opulence. Glorious cities, world class accommodations and service are as much an integral part of our programs as is our comprehensive sightseeing. When combined, these elements reveal a region that awaits your discovery. And best of all, you can be as busy as you like or enjoy an elegant spa (or both!)

Choose from:

Deluxe Touring by Private Car
Discover a world of exclusivity and opulence in Asia. Experience indulgent pampering in lavish surroundings, while discovering glorious cities. Splendid accommodations, fabulous service plus, travel as much or as little as you choose – with your own Private Car with Private English-speaking guide at your disposal.

Escorted Tours
Experience some of the world’s most exciting and exotic destinations on one of our Escorted Tours to Asia. See the wonders of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Meet the people in these friendly countries and see the astonishing scenery. A wonderful way to begin your discovery of Asia.

Family Fun Experiences
Relax and connect on one of our specially designed family friendly itineraries planned for the needs of multi-generational travelers. Fascinating sites of cultural interest are blended with outdoor activities. These flexible tours to Asia’s most exciting destinations will capture the interest and adapt to the energy level of all family members.

Classic City Packages by Private Car
Create your very own personal dream vacation or extend your tour in Asia. Choose from a wide selection of “mix and match” modules to the world’s most exotic cities and resorts: Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Bhutan, Dubai & Abu Dhabi and Oman.

Yangtze River Cruise Tours
Our cruises along the mighty Yangtze River aboard Victoria Cruises offers you a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Remember, the vast Three Gorges Dam will surely change forever some of China’s most memorable panoramas – so, don’t delay.