Our story began in 1967, with Ady Gelber pioneering tourism to the Middle East at a time when such travel was extremely rare. As the years went by, our business prospered with a growing portfolio of branded subsidiaries that catered to travelers’ needs nearly everywhere on earth.

Now, branded as IWorld of Travel, we are celebrating more than 50 years of creating memories for travelers across the globe. Our new name conveys our worldwide travel expertise in hundreds of destinations throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. Our previous portfolio of brands (Latour, Asian Vistas, Belder Gray, and EuropeToo) are now shown as world regions we represent and merged into one brand—IWorld of Travel—that operates thousands of distinctive trips each year spanning 56 countries on five continents.

As passionate travelers ourselves, we get it. We get what it takes to give you an extraordinary travel experience so you’ll discover the true meaning of #memoriesbeyond—priceless memories that become part of our core and resonate more and more as we age. Memories that live on in our soul and continue to enrich us, years after we say our goodbyes. We view each passport stamp as a testament to our curiosity in nature, culture, cuisine, and adventure.

Each traveler is unique, and so too are our tours. And while we feature many prepackaged trips, they are merely stepping stones on the path to your personalized journeys. IWorld of Travel excels in developing custom, crafted, and curated tours created by elite teams of destination experts who know the area they represent inside out. Our personally tailored itineraries meet the needs, interests, and budget of each traveler. We go above and beyond, with singular service, boutique amenities, first-hand knowledge, and insider access to ensure inspiring, insightful, and immersive experiences. When you travel with us, you will find our tours are not only memorable, they are beyond memorable.


The Americas formerly Latour

Explore new frontiers in culture, cuisine, language, and landscapes. IWorld of Travel’s award winning team leads the way in creating the most authentic vacation experiences in The Americas: South, Central & North America plus Cuba and Mexico. Single or multi-country tours, group departures or customized private car programs are available with visits to countries including Peru, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, the Galapagos and more. We offer an extraordinary selection of culturally exciting destinations and custom itineraries, from a dream honeymoon to a mountain hike to a glacial cruise!


Asia formerly Asian Vistas

Discover a world of exclusivity and opulence. Glorious cities, world-class accommodations, and impeccable service are as much an integral part of our programs as is our comprehensive sightseeing. Visits to multiple iconic sites, from Mt. Fuji to the Taj Mahal, will shorten your bucket list by the day. Creatively designed itineraries include escorted tours, river cruises, family programs, and city packages. We work with local tourism boards to design exclusive packages, such as Guam & Japan that mixes nature’s splendor with urban excitement. These once-in-lifetime adventures await your discovery.


Africa & the Middle East formerly Belder Gray

Rejuvenate your mind, soul, and senses in ancient lands and magical surroundings, from the animal kingdom to the kingdom of pharaohs, from the biblical world to the buzz of modern life. No other company can boast our intimate knowledge of this region and longstanding 50-year history in providing unmatched travel experiences, from prearranged itineraries to custom crafted programs for individual and group travelers. We are proud to continue the legacy of Ady Gelber—a pioneer who launched travel to Israel and steered our company into prominence—as we carry forward the expertise and wisdom gained over half a century. As a result, we enjoy award-winning recognition as the area’s leading tour provider. Our wide array of extraordinary journeys includes luxurious private car programs; special interest tours focusing on art, adventure, architecture, and cuisine; and private shore excursions for cruise travelers interested in local culture, historical sites, art, history, shopping, or dining.


Europe & Beyond formerly EuropeToo

Immerse yourself in the foreign experience. You’ll come home not only with unimaginable memories and gratitude for having gone, but also with a new perspective on other ways of life—from long ago to the present day. IWorld of Travel is exceptional at expertly crafting vacations throughout Europe, plus Russia and Iceland. Our choices are endless—for foodies and wine connoisseurs; those seeking to trace their heritage; families, art lovers, or leisure travelers just wanting to unplug and soak up the sun. We open a window to new countries and cultures and to the heart and soul of each destination, embedding cherished moments of #memoriesbeyond.